Yoga Quiz

Why do you want to practise yoga?

I want to feel less stressed
I want to get more strength and energy
I want to get more flexible
I want to lose some weight

Are you in good physical health?

I have some injuries
I'm suffering from cardiovascular problems
I'm pregnant or just had a baby
No, not at all

Are you looking for an active class?

Yes, I want to sweat

Do you like the sauna and hammam?

  • Yes, I love sitting in there for hours
  • It's ok, I can stay in there 10 to 30 minutes
  • No
  • No, I want to stretch and relax only
    Not particularly, but I want to work on my body

    Do you like to have things structured in your life?

    Yes, I like when there is a clear framework
    No, I consider myself to be a wild cat

    Do you like to play around?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What do you think of spirituality and meditation?

    Not for me
    I love it
    I have no experience with it, but willing to try
    Yoga is a class I like to take to work on my body

    What does Yoga mean to you?

    Yoga is a way to connect my body and soul
    Yoga is about sharing with people and connecting to a community