Our concept

Want to do some Hatha in the best studio in Rome? See how Vinyasa flows are being practiced in London? Are you ready to start your teacher training in India? Experience Jivamukti in the studio where it was created in New York? Need some slow Yin movement after surfing away in Bali?

Travelling is such an amazing experience and at Where Is My Mat we want you to experience your trips to the fullest and at the same time being able to benefit from Yoga while on the move.

But finding a yoga class in a place where you are not familiar can be such a hassle. You don’t want to waste your holiday by comparing different offers and googling to find the right one – only to end up doing your own yoga at the hotel because the class just finished or is already full.

Where Is My Mat will help you find and book your yoga class in less than 3 clicks by providing all the information you need to make up your mind. Our service is completely free of charge. We are here to help you find and book a class and share your yoga experience.

Please be patient: this is still a beta version. So feel free to send us your comments and suggestions to improve the user experience.